Format: 08/2019
Format: 08/2019
Goodkind, Terry
Terry Goodkind

In the wake of the brutal war that swept the Old World in Siege of Stone, a new danger is forming along the coast. A terrifying force threatens to bring destruction to the Old World.

Heart of Black Ice by Terry Goodkind
Carson, Ciaran
Ciaran Carson

Ciaran Carson was born in Belfast and has spent his life there. In this memoir, he makes himself the cartographer of his home city's spaces, symbolic and literal, the scribe of its byways and avenues.

The Star Factory by Ciaran Carson
Cross, Ethan
Ethan Cross

In this stunning new thriller the most terrifying psychopath since Hannibal Lecter faces off against the toughest law enforcer since Jack Reacher.

I Am The Night by Ethan Cross
Finder, Joseph
Joseph Finder

Private investigator Nick Heller is hired to infiltrate a powerful family whose vast wealth hides something more sinister.

House on Fire by Joseph Finder
Heney, Michael
Michael Heney

A serious, revisionist history of the most notorious court case in postwar Irish history.

The Arms Crisis of 1970 by Michael Heney
Monroe, J.S.
J.S. Monroe

You are waiting for your husband to join you on holiday. But when he arrives, you know it's not him...

The Other You by J.S. Monroe
Stabenow, Dana
Dana Stabenow

The next instalment in Dana Stabenow's award-winning Alaskan crime series. New Year's Eve, in the middle of a blizzard that has cut Alaska off from the outside world, and there are reports of a plane down in the Quilak mountains.

No Fixed Line by Dana Stabenow
Goodkind, Terry
Terry Goodkind

The Children of D'Hara picks up immediately after the conclusion of the Sword of Truth series. This is the story of Richard and Kahlan and their children.

Witch's Oath by Terry Goodkind
Dorries, Nadine
Nadine Dorries

Mary Kate Malone has escaped from Ireland to seek her fortune in Liverpool, but from the beginning, things go wrong and now she is living a secret life in the shadows, with tragedy looming.

The Velvet Ribbon by Nadine Dorries
Hamilton-Paterson, James
James Hamilton-Paterson

An illustrated celebration of the golden age of aircraft, cars and locomotives from 1900 to 1945.

Trains, Planes, Ships and Automobiles by James Hamilton-Paterson
Ings, Simon
Simon Ings

Science fiction author Simon Ings selects 100 of the best short stories on artificial intelligence.

We, Robots by Simon Ings
Lay, Paul
Paul Lay

The thrilling story of the Protectorate, Britain's sole experiment with republican government, and one of the most extraordinary but least-known periods in British history.

Providence Lost by Paul Lay
Price, David
David Price

The intimate telling of the life of an Avro Lancaster crew during World War Two, bringing together the story of this iconic RAF bomber and its service with the lives of those who flew her.

The Crew by David Price
Dennison, Matthew
Matthew Dennison

An evocative telling of the life of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's last-born child, and of a sometimes fraught royal mother-daughter relationship.

The Last Princess by Matthew Dennison
Gordon, David
David Gordon

In the sequel to David Gordon's The Bouncer, New York City's most hardened mob bosses team up once again, this time to pull off a high-stakes drug heist.

The Hard Stuff by David Gordon