HoZmas, Day 6: Great historical crime


HoZmas, Day 6: Great historical crime

This year, we're feting the holiday season with our very own HoZmas celebrations. Check back every day in December for free ebooks, huge ebook discounts and the chance to get your hands on some very covetable goodies. Our ebook offers are available until 6 January 2018.

For day six of HoZmas, we're offering you 75% off our list of historical crime fiction.

From Rome in AD95 to London in 1881, via Constantinople, the Scottish borders and many more, meet the fierce men and women keeping the peace. Whether you choose the cut-throat Robert Carey, the real, illegitimate grandson of Henry VIII, the Benedictine Brother Cadfael, or the brilliant and beligerent Sidney Grice, you'll be in good company this HoZmas.

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