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19 Jan 2017 - 12:01
Submitted by: Blake

Stefan Ahnhem, author of Victim Without A Face, visited Ireland this week to promote the second in his series of books starring Fabian Risk, Ninth Grave.

19 Jan 2017 - 09:01
Submitted by: Nicolas

Head of Zeus has moved from Clerkenwell Green to Hardwick Street.

Our new address in full: 5-8 Hardwick Street 1st Floor East, London EC1R 4RG.

Please note that our phones will be down for a few days but the numbers won't change. Email is unaffected.

17 Jan 2017 - 06:01
Submitted by: Blake
Cory Doctorow the renowned author, activist, journalist and blogger, paid a flying visit to London on Saturday, ahead of the publication of his new SF novel, Walkaway. Publisher Nicolas Cheetham acquired the novel from Danny Baror at Baror International, and it will be published in April this year. Walkaway is  ‘a multi-generational SF thriller about the momentous changes coming in the next hundred years: an epic tale of revolution, love, war and the end of death.’ Doctorow’s previous novel, Little Brother, was a New York Times bestseller.
17 Jan 2017 - 01:01
Submitted by: Blake
Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, has named Cixin Liu's science fiction series as a definitive book of his presidency in an interview with The New York Times, describing it as '"wildly imaginative, really interesting". 

13 Jan 2017 - 04:01
Submitted by: Blake
[extract from The El Dorado Machine, first published in The New Yorker]
The rain forests of Mosquitia, which span more than thirty-two thousand square miles of Honduras and Nicaragua, are among the densest and most inhospitable in the world. “It’s mountainous,” Chris Begley, an archeologist and expert on Honduras, told me recently. “There’s white water. There are jumping vipers, coral snakes, fer-de-lance, stinging plants, and biting insects. And then there are the illnesses—malaria, dengue fever, leishmaniasis, Chagas’.” Nevertheless, for nearly a century, archeologists and adventurers have plunged into the region, in search of the ruins of an ancient city, built of white stone, called la Ciudad Blanca, the White City.
12 Dec 2016 - 03:12
Submitted by: Blake
Aleppo, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site, has been at the forefront of the civil war in Syria since July 2012. Before the recent terrible destruction now taking place there, it was a thriving city, and also home to one of the world's most distinguished and vibrant cuisines. Surrounded by fertile lands and located at the end of the Silk Road, Aleppo was a food capital long before Paris, Rome or New York. 
09 Dec 2016 - 04:12
Submitted by: Blake
I found personal accounts of the war from individual soldiers’ recollections, as well as observations made by war correspondents and diaries kept by nurses in the field. I’m sure that any reader with knowledge of this conflict will recognize that one of my characters could, in part, be modelled on Miss Emily Hobhouse, the daughter of an Anglican rector. This Cornishwoman travelled to South Africa to do what she could to alleviate the suffering of the women and children in the concentration camps. These internment camps were set up to house the families whose farms had been burned out in order to disrupt the Boer fighters’ supply lines. This was a badly conceived concept based on a strategic and logistical problem.
01 Dec 2016 - 04:12
Submitted by: Blake

This week saw the launch of an exciting ad campaign for Nadine Dorries' new Lovely Lane series across four key women's magazines in the UK. To tie in with publication of the paperback of The Angels of Lovely Lane, the first in the series, four ads were placed in My Weekly, Woman's Weekly, Woman and Woman's Own promoting the paperback and giving an insight into the world of the angels.

30 Nov 2016 - 01:11
Submitted by: Blake
Last week I met a Beadle. I was the guest speaker at the Ladies’ Banquet for the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners (WCEC) at the Stationers’ Hall near St Paul’s Cathedral. The magnificent Hall, dating from 1670, has been good to me; it was there that I received The People’s Prize for Fiction in 2010. I was invited to the Banquet because the Mistress Angie Kay, partner of Master, Philip Morrish, is a fan of my detective duo Stella and Jack. 
28 Nov 2016 - 05:11
Submitted by: Blake
Hamilton has been in the news again recently (not that the hip-hop musical has been much out of the news since it’s smash-hit Broadway run opened in August 2015) for controversially addressing Vice-President elect Mike Pence from the stage of the Broadway play following curtain call.
18 Nov 2016 - 10:11
Submitted by: Blake
The White Hare, Michael Fishwick's, debut novel for 12+ readers, will be the first title published by Head of Zeus' Zephyr imprint in March 2017.
17 Nov 2016 - 01:11
Submitted by: Blake

Irish author E M Reapy has won the Sunday Independent Newcomer of the Year award at the Bord Gáis energy Irish Book Awards 2016 for her debut novel Red Dirt which was published in June.