26 Apr 2018 - 12:04
Love Diney Costeloe?! So do we! Her newest book, Miss Mary's Daughter, will be published in hardback next week on May 3rd. So to celebrate, we're taking a look back at the eBook blog tour: thanks to all involved! 
The tour ran from 15th February to 9th March and featured many exciting reviews, guest posts, and extracts. Please find some of the reviews below! To check out the rest of the tour, see the banner.
24 Apr 2018 - 06:04
Dan Jones' international bestseller, The Templars, was published on 5th April and immediately shot to number 7 on the Sunday Times Bestseller list. Two weeks later it is continuing to rise steadily.
You've probably heard of the Knights Templar from the Da Vinci Code, Ivanhoe or even Assassins Creed, but the real story is so much more exciting than any myth.
23 Apr 2018 - 10:04
Lesley Thomson's The Detective's Daughter is one of the titles being shared with those who don't read regularly as part of this year's World Book Night promotion. 
20 Apr 2018 - 06:04

When American mayors start a campaign to ban handguns, the CEO of Cogsworth International Arms worries about the effects on his company. He convinces congress to introduce the 'American Freedom from Fear Act' ruling that every American must own a gun.

Washington politicians and a cowardly President are caught between a mighty gun lobby and the absurdity of every American man, woman and child carrying a gun. What ensues is a hilarious indictment of American politics.

10 Apr 2018 - 06:04

This August, something exciting is coming. Something big. Something... mega. 

Starring Jason Statham, Steve Alten's classic story of boy meets shark is coming to cinemas everywhere this August.

29 Mar 2018 - 12:03

We've made it to the first bank holiday of the spring: hooray! Take advantage of the rare four-day weekend by grabbing some Easter chocolate (and your brolly!) and heading to the park with a good book. We've got just the things to spirit you away this Easter.

28 Mar 2018 - 06:03

Emma Burstall is the author of the Tremarnock series of novels. The latest, Tremarnock Summer is out in paperback on 5th April.

Choosing a name for a book character can be almost as hard as naming a baby. When I was deciding what to call my children, I ummed and ahhed for ages because I wanted to get it just right, and so it is with the men and women in my novels. Often I’ll spend hours writing out different combinations of first names and surnames until I’m completely satisfied. 
27 Mar 2018 - 06:03

This spring we're welcoming two new novels from million-copy bestselling author Amanda Prowse, that tell the story of one couple from both sides... Theo's story is out on 5th April. 

Theo Montgomery grew up in a rich family where he had all the toys and trinkets money could buy. But his childhood was full of neglect and he was bullied at school. Now he is an adult, he longs to find a soulmate. Someone who understands him. Someone who will love him unconditionally.

26 Mar 2018 - 06:03

Plantbased Pixie is a a food blogger, biochemist (BSc), nutritionist (MSc) (AfN), writer, and speaker. Her first book, The Wellness Rebel, is out on 5th April from Anima. This extract from The Wellness Rebel first appeared in Daily Mail.

Unlike many of those who extol the virtues of ‘clean eating’ or set themselves up as ‘wellness’ gurus, I want to set out my credentials right at the start.

I’m not just another health blogger offering a transformational plan or miracle cure, armed with only a pretty plate of food and a marketing strategy.

21 Mar 2018 - 03:03

Last night, Tuesday 20th March, Head of Zeus and Apollo were delighted to launch Dejan Tiago-Stanković's debut novel, Estoril at the Portuguese Ambassador's Residence in London.

Dejan appeared in conversation with journalist and author Misha Glenny, discussing the novel's themes, including espionage, immigration and Portugal's most glamorous coast.

19 Mar 2018 - 06:03

Victoria Schofield's The Black Watch has won the Gold Award for Military History Monthly's Books of the Year. 

The Black Watch: Fighting in the Frontline 1899-2006 is an account of the history of the Scotland's most famous military regiment, from the Boer War until 2006, when it was merged with five other regiments to become the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

16 Mar 2018 - 06:03
On 17th March, we celebrate St Patrick’s Day. As the patron saint of Ireland (amongst a number of other countries), Saint Patrick’s longest-lasting legacy remains that he was said to have cast a plague of snakes out of Ireland. To celebrate, we’ll be reading some of our favourite books by Irish writers. Read on for some recommendations.
14 Mar 2018 - 06:03

Last night, Tuesday 13th March, Head of Zeus and Anima were delighted to celebrate the launch of Russell Brown and Jonathan Haley's new cookbook, Well Seasoned. 

Well Seasoned is the perfect guide for anyone interested in living a holistic, seasonal life. Structured month by month, it features the finest and freshest natural ingredients that are available throughout the year and how to make the most of them.