14 Aug 2018 - 03:08
We are so excited that everyone is loving The Colour of Time by Dan Jones & Marina Amaral just as much as we do! 
Brazilian artist Marina Amaral has created 200 stunning images, using historic photographs as the basis for her full-colour digital renditions, bringing each of them to life in a style uniquely her own. Popular historian Dan Jones has written a narrative to anchor each image in its context, and weave them into a vivid account of the world that made the world we live in today. 
Here are some of the great things that people have been saying about it:

06 Aug 2018 - 11:08

Diney Costeloe is back with a new emotional and gritty drama set in Cornwall. Here she introduces us to Sophie Ross, and the world of Trescadinnick House.

30 Jul 2018 - 11:07
David Gilman is the author of the gritty Master of War series. Set during the carnage of the 100 years war - the bloodiest conflict in medieval history - a young English Archer confronts his destiny. Here Gilman details a research trip for the latest book in the series, Scourge of Wolves.
27 Jul 2018 - 04:07

Happy Shark Week!

At Head of Zeus we are all very excited that  The Meg will be hitting cinema screens on 10th August!

Check out the trailer here

We have also just published a new edition of The Meg out now in paperback and ebook

'Sea' below for a glimpse of the action...

25 Jul 2018 - 12:07

The End of Days has been predicted for the last two thousand years, but now it is upon us.

24 Jul 2018 - 12:07
Yesterday Nadine Dorries was featured on Woman’s Hour. In conversation with Rachel Garvey she spoke about her new novel Shadows in Heaven, her passion for writing, and her interest in depicting the lives of women determined to survive.
Click here to listen in full. 
Shadows in Heaven is out now in Hardback and Ebook.
13 Jul 2018 - 12:07
Summer of Love is the latest novel written by Caro Fraser. This stand-alone sequel to The Summer House Party tells the story of a group of family and friends who gather at Harry Denholm’s country house in the hot summer of 1949. Amongst the heat, memories and infatuations, a secret is revealed to Meg’s son, Max, and soon a terrible tragedy unfolds that will have consequences for them all.  
The dark days of war are over, but the family secrets they held are only just dawning…
Summer of Love is out now in Hardback and Ebook. Read below for an extract. 

04 Jul 2018 - 03:07
We are so excited to be publishing Nadine Dorries’ newest book Shadows in Heaven
Nadine's wonderful new novel is rooted in one of the places dearest to her heart – the west coast of Ireland. 
In post-war Tarabeg, two women are waiting for ambitious Michael Malone to return home. Rosie is the local schoolteacher and most people think she is promised to him. Just a few have guessed that he has secretly begun to woo Sarah, whose brutal fisherman father would kill her if he knew. 
Both Rosie and Sarah love Michael, both hope to become his wife and their lives will interweave in a tale of tangled secrets, old promises and new feuds. Michael Malone's choice will have fateful consequences for everyone – especially, in due course, for his young daughter. 
This is the first in a new sequence of novels with a brilliant new cast of characters and a story that will lead to Liverpool in Mary Kate and back to Ireland in The Seven Acres.
Shadows in Heaven is out in hardback on 12 July 18. Read on below for an extract. 
29 Jun 2018 - 02:06
Chicago's beautiful Reliance Building, sixteen storeys tall, was designed in 1890 by John Root and completed in 1895 by Charles B. Atwood. In its construction – metal frame, large areas of plate glass, fire-proof brick and terracotta cladding – it pioneers all the key elements of twentieth-century high-rise architecture, and many of the tenets of Modernism. 
In Skyscraper, Dan Cruickshank reflects on the extraordinary architectural, artistic and engineering world of the 1890s and tells the story of Gilded Age Chicago, which was burned to the ground in 1871. The city – corrupt, violent and fabulously wealthy – was ready to try anything, even revolutionary forms of architecture. 
Skyscraper is out now in hardback. Read below for an extract: 

28 Jun 2018 - 11:06

Kate Mascarenhas is not only an exceptional new writer, but also a brilliant creative with a skill in recreating her worlds as dioramas. Here she shares some beautiful scenes from The Psychology of Time Travel. 

21 Jun 2018 - 10:06

Today the sun rose in the United Kingdom at 4.43am and won't set until 9.31pm. This means that the UK will enjoy 16 hours and 38 minutes of sunlight, making today the longest day of the year. This day when the sun is at its highest point in the sky and the Earth's axis is most turned towards it is known as the summer solstice. For thousands of years, Pagans have celebrated both the summer and the winter solstices, which mark the dates of planting and harvesting, at Stonehenge. But why?

20 Jun 2018 - 09:06
Love affairs, village rivalries, horses, jealousy and secrets – bestselling author Fiona Walker makes a triumphant return to her classic territory with her new novel, The Country Set.
At the heart of picturesque Compton Magna is the stud farm owned by Captain Jocelyn Percy. Twenty-five years ago, his only child abandoned husband and children for her lover. She’s about to return, and sparks are set to fly.
In a village where passionate love affairs, bitter rivalries and dark secrets delight, only one woman has the full set, and she’s taking the reins…
18 Jun 2018 - 10:06

The Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday 18th June 1815, 203 years ago today. A French army under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by two of the armies of the Seventh Coalition: an Anglo-led allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington, and a Prussian army under the command of Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Prince of Wahlstatt. This resulted in Napoleon's exile to the remote island of Saint Helena and an unambiguous end to the First French Empire and the political and military career of one of the greatest commanders and statesmen in history.However, the victory at Waterloo was a narrow one, and perhaps should have belonged to the commander of a superb army of 128,000 troops with only seven losses amid the 60 battles he had fought.

In her new novel, False Lights, K. J. Whittaker imagines what might have happened had Napoleon emerged victorious from that fateful battle.