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18 Oct 2016 - 11:10
Submitted by: Blake

Cixin Liu, bestselling author of The Three-Body Problem trilogy, visited the UK this week. Cixin Liu's science fiction series has won him an army of fans including President of the United States, Barack Obama, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg. The series was awarded the Hugo prize for 'Best Novel' in 2015 and has been translated into English by multi award-winning author Ken Liu. The series finale, Death's End was published in Hardback on October 6th.

17 Oct 2016 - 05:10
Submitted by: Blake
A revival of Stephen Jeffreys’ 1994 play The Libertine, about John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, opened in London last month, starring none other than Dominic Cooper as the peerless peer. Unfortunately, Terry Johnson’s new staging of The Libertine mistakes bustle for interest and bores rather than titillates. Hobbled with a distracted and miscast leading man and, to be honest, a third-rate script, there is very little of any genuine interest to be had. 
13 Oct 2016 - 09:10
Submitted by: Blake

Cixin Liu, author of The Three-Body Problem series will be in the UK this week as part of his European tour. Commencing in Glasgow on Thursday 13th October until Sunday 16th October Cixin will be taking part in events in both Glasgow and London.

12 Oct 2016 - 11:10
Submitted by: Blake
Anthony Cheetham announced today that Fiona Kennedy, formerly MD and Publisher at Orion Children’s Books, will join Head of Zeus in February 2017 as Publisher of Zephyr, a newly minted children’s imprint, which will extend and expand the range on offer from one of the UK’s fastest growing independents. Zephyr will publish its first list in the autumn of 2017.
07 Oct 2016 - 11:10
Submitted by: Blake

Watch the gripping trailer for Mark Roberts new novel, Dead Silent, out in paperback now.

05 Oct 2016 - 04:10
Submitted by: Blake
FLAMING June. Bloody typical. 
Albert Charles Kemp smiled at the bedraggled street party. The flags were soaked, the kids’ jelly only just edible. Despite the rain, this was a special day, a new Queen crowned and nothing would stop the celebrations. Nothing apart from the weather could rain on this parade.
East London may have been battered and bombed in the Blitz, but these people were brave, proud and full of love for the Royal Family. They had long memories too, remembering the new Queen Mother’s many trips to East London and how she’d helped lift morale through the bad times. Their affection for her and her family was overflowing, filling every street party with God Save the Queen, Rule Britannia and the exciting sense of a new beginning.
03 Oct 2016 - 01:10
Submitted by: Blake
It was never my intention to look over the shoulders of the towering figures who were the key players in this conflict: Cecil John Rhodes; General Sir Redvers Buller; and Field Marshal Frederick Lord Roberts, affectionately known as ‘Uncle Bob’, who had had resounding success in the campaigns in India. That Lord Roberts and Sir Redvers Buller were at loggerheads, and that military and political divisions between many of the commanders became entrenched during this conflict, had a negative impact on the execution of the war. Water and food was scarce – and in general terms so was the feeding of this vast army as supply lines were long and difficult to manage and often destroyed by the enemy. 
15 Sep 2016 - 12:09
Submitted by: Blake
The familiar face of Winston Churchill, caught in warlike pose, now stares sternly from the reverse of the Bank of England’s first plastic bank note, the new ‘fiver’  which became legal currency on 13 September. 
12 Sep 2016 - 06:09
Submitted by: Blake
First, a disclaimer: I have been known to abuse innocent metaphors. In some cases, I've been guilty of drawing them out and hammering them so thin that they dissipate in disgust. That being said, the opportunity to liken the launch of my new novel (which, even in its title, Bone Meal for Roses, includes a reference to growing things), to the opening of the first, spring sweet-pea bloom in the flowerbed outside the window where I write, is just too darn tempting to pass up. 

08 Sep 2016 - 03:09
Submitted by: Blake
Irish regiments’ and brigades’ exploits can be explored by reading any of the excellent non-fiction publications available on the Boer War, but the Royal Irish Regiment of Foot is a fictional unit, as is Belmont’s 21st Dragoons.
07 Sep 2016 - 04:09
Submitted by: Blake
The hot news just now is that yours truly is taking an extended break from crime fiction to launch a trilogy of World War Two thrillers.  The first, Finisterre, publishes in hardback on 1st December and the books to follow will feature what I've termed a "soft-linkage" between characters who flit in and out of the narrative as the plot demands.  This little device serves two purposes.  Firstly, it acts like an egg, binding together the series as a whole, thus giving me the chance to offer promising bit players an entire book of their own.  Secondly, it answers the now-universal call in publishing for books with series potential, rather than straightforward one-offs.  The title of this new trilogy?  The Wars Within.
06 Sep 2016 - 03:09
Submitted by: Blake

Thomas Levenson appeared on the BBC Inside Science show this week to discuss his book The Hunt for Vulcan. 

03 Sep 2016 - 10:09
Submitted by: Blake
Win a guitar with Head of Zeus & John and Carole Barrowman.
If Conjuror has encouraged you to start playing an instrument then Head of Zeus can make this happen. We’re giving away an electric guitar to one lucky winner who enters our Conjuror competition.