17 Aug 2017 - 09:08

The Girls of Mulberry Lane is the first in an exciting new series from Rosie Clarke set in London in the lead-up to the Second World War.

1938, Mulberry Lane, London. War is looming, but on Mulberry Lane there are different battles being fought...

15 Aug 2017 - 09:08

I’ve had the pleasure of working at Head of Zeus for coming up to two years now, and one of the things I have most enjoyed during my time at the company has been my induction into the world of science fiction and fantasy as I became at first familiar with, then eventually fan girl of, our science fiction and fantasy list curated by Nicolas Cheetham. In my time here I’ve toured the UK and witnessed J.K.Rowling-level fandom for Cixin Liu, author of The Three-Body Problem, marveled at the mind-blowing wisdom of Ken Liu, and raised one-too-many glasses with A.J. Smith at Fantasy in the Court. But nothing could have prepared me for the weird, wonderful, and incredibly welcoming community at Worldcon.

14 Aug 2017 - 09:08

Ada Palmer has won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer for her debut novel, Too Like the Lightning, at this year’s Hugo Awards ceremony. The ceremony took place at Worldcon, hosted in Helsinki, Finland. Read on to watch the announcement and Ada’s speech.

11 Aug 2017 - 10:08

If you're looking for the perfect read to fill the Poldark-sized hole in your Sunday nights, KJ Whittaker's False Lights is the book for you. Set in an England ruled by Empress Josephine after Wellington's defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, False Lights follows young heiress Hester and Crow, Wellington's former intelligence officer, as they escape open rebellion in Cornwall, become embroiled in a web of treachery and espionage amid plans to free Wellington from secret captivity in the Scilly Isles and lead an uprising against the French occupation.

10 Aug 2017 - 09:08

Good Money is a practical guide on conceiving, launching and growing a successful ethical start-up author, journalist and entrepreneur Jonathan Self. Read on for five of Jonathan's top tips for starting your own ethical business. 

09 Aug 2017 - 09:08

Everybody knows about Sherlock Holmes, the unique literary character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who has remained popular over the decades and is more appreciated than ever today. But what made this fictional character, dreamed up by a small-town English doctor back in the 1880s, into such a great success? The Life and Death of Sherlock Holmes is the fascinating and exciting tale of the man and people who created the Holmes legend. 

03 Aug 2017 - 03:08

Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton is the multi award-winning inspiration for Lin-Manuel Miranda's Pulitzer-winning musical, HamiltonHamilton launches in London later this year so we've taken a journey through the hits of the musical and their background. Read on to get to know the forgotten founding father and his world a bit better.

02 Aug 2017 - 09:08

The Little Library Cookbook is a celebration of the joy of reading and eating. Kate Young captures the magic and wonder of the meals enjoyed by some of our best-loved fictional characters through 100 glorious recipes.

01 Aug 2017 - 06:08
Min Jin Lee's Pachinko is a victorian epic transplanted to Japan, following a Korean family of immigrants through eight decades and four generations. Published in hardback in February by Apollo, Head of Zeus' literary imprint, Pachinko has attracted a great deal of praise, with writers as diverse as John Boyne, Roxane Gay and Erica Wagner calling it their favourite novel of 2017. 

31 Jul 2017 - 01:07

Neal Ascherson's debut novel, The Death of the Fronsac, is an unforgettable recreation of life in wartime, and of the tragic fate of Poland in the 20th century. Read on for an exclusive extract.

31 Jul 2017 - 12:07

A Jihad for Love is a plea for tolerance and compassion from Mohamed El Bachiri, who lost his wife Loubna in the Brussels attack of March 2016. A rejection of fanaticism, A Jihad for Love is a collection of reflections on love, loss, and the ways in which we can live together despite differences of religion and ideology. Read on for an exclusive extract.

31 Jul 2017 - 12:07

Alexander Starritt's debut novel, The Beast, is a compelling satire of British tabloid newspapers in the era of facts that are anything but, and news that is denounced as fiction. Read on for an extract from this topical and urgent - but also very entertaining - novel.

27 Jul 2017 - 12:07

The Dark Isle is an espionage story set in Orkney and London and told from the perspective of the daughter of a spy. The original inspiration for the book was my own family. We grew up knowing my dad did some kind of secret undercover work for the police, but we were always hazy about the details. After his death, we found out via a television documentary that he was effectively a spy, complete with fake identity and double life.