The Grim Company

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The Grim Company
Luke Scull
The Grim Company, Book 01
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Available From: 1st Mar 2013

First in an epic, gritty trilogy from the hottest new voice in British fantasy.

It is a time of darkness. The last magic of the dead gods is on the wane. Demons and half-formed monsters plague the land as the final barriers between the realms begin to fail. The jealous Magelords of three great cities sit in their towers of stone and brood over the scant power that remains...

It is not a time of heroes. Their songs are long forgotten, their deeds go unwritten.

But, even now, some few still nurse a spark of hope, an unlikely fellowship, united against the tyranny of their immortal overlords - THE GRIM COMPANY.

About the author

Luke Scull is the lead designer at game design company Ossian Studios. He lives and works in Warminster.

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Published: 1st Mar 2013
Size: 145 x 228mm
No. of pages: 464
ISBN: 9781781851326

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