The Dangerous Edge of Things by Tina Whittle

The Dangerous Edge of Things
The Dangerous Edge of Things
Tina Whittle
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Also available from: 6th Dec 2012

You've just inherited a gun shop, and you're currently suspected of murder. Can things get any worse for Tai Randolph? For fans of Meg Gardiner and Karin Slaughter.

Tai Randolph has just moved to Atlanta. She thought inheriting a Confederate-themed gun shop was her biggest headache - until she finds a young but dead woman in her brother's driveway. With her brother missing and her firearms connection, the siblings are the Atlanta Police Department's number one suspects.

Tai is determined to clear their name. But it doesn't look good. Where's her brother? What is his connection with the dead woman? Why is she being tailed by a private secrurity company? Tai is lead from the cold-eyed glamour of Atlanta's adult entertainment scene to the gilded treachery of its most exclusive enclaves. Potential suspects abound, including violent stalkers, vengeful sisters, and a paparazzo with a taste for meth. But it takes another murder - and threats to her own life - to make Tai realize that to solve this crime, she has to trust the most dangerous man she's ever met.

About the author

Tina Whittle lives in south east Georgia. She is a columnist and feature writer and her short fiction appears in several crime journals. You can find out more about her at

(also available in Paperback)
Published: 6th Dec 2012
x mm
No. of pages: 288
ISBN: 9781908800930

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