Who is the girl with no name?


Who is the girl with no name?

Diney Costeloe is the bestselling author of  The Throwaway ChildrenHer novel, The Girl With No Nameis the story of one child who escapes from Nazi Germany to England on the kindertransport. Get it for just 99p today as the Kindle UK Daily Deal

Who is the girl with no name? Lisa Becker?  Charlotte Smith? Either? Neither?

When Lisa Becker escapes from Nazi Germany she is only thirteen. By the end of the war she is nineteen, a young woman grown, and is certainly not the same reticent girl who arrived six years ago from Hanau in Germany. She has a strong streak of independence which gives her the courage and determination to overcome the various trials and tribulations with which she is faced. She was a brave child when her mother put her, alone, onto the kindertransport train to England; she fought her homesickness as she settled in her London foster home and learned a new language; she survived the bullying at school and then found herself tossed aside in the Blitz.
All these things changed her. Many would have caved in and given themselves up to self-pity, but not she. She was strengthened by what she had to survive and with the love and support of those around her, by the time the war in Europe came to an end, she had grown into a strong young woman ready to face the realities of life. There is no going back, physically or mentally. 
Lisa–Charlotte is the product of two very different cultures, but they combine to make who she is…strong, determined, independent and ready to put the sadness of the past behind her and get on with the rest of her life.

The Girl with No Name is available now in hardback, paperback and ebook.



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