The Twenty-Third Day of HoZmas: Something You Are


The Twenty-Third Day of HoZmas: Something You Are

“'The first time I killed someone,
I wasn'’t paid for it.
Like many kids,
I drifted into my career by accident'” Nic Caruana. 
Is evil something you do, or something you are...?
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'Jameson writes like an angel on speed. Ellroy and sometimes Rankin walk you to the dark side brilliantly. Something You Are is no less gripping, shocking and relentless.' Q MAGAZINE.

‘Jameson’s taut and spare narrative complements a gripping plot with
unmistakable undertones of the legends of this genre, Chandler, Ellroy,
Rankin.’ RED

Nic Caruana is paid to kill people. Once, he was destined for a white-collar job in a middle-class area. But like many kids, he made a fatal mistake. Now, he inhabits the bleak, dark city that runs like a seam beneath London. 

His latest job is to track down the daughter of an arms dealer, using any weapon necessary to get to the truth. But Nic has fallen in love with his dangerous employer's wife. When the missing girl turns up dead, this grief-stricken mother starts playing twisted games with Nic... and this time he has nothing in his armoury to protect himself. 

Taut, spare, and brilliantly plotted, Something You Are is the first in a series of menacing urban crime novels from a young female writer of exceptional talent.

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