The truth behind clean eating


The truth behind clean eating

Plantbased Pixie is a a food blogger, biochemist (BSc), nutritionist (MSc) (AfN), writer, and speaker. Her first book, The Wellness Rebel, is out on 5th April from Anima. This extract from The Wellness Rebel first appeared in Daily Mail.

Unlike many of those who extol the virtues of ‘clean eating’ or set themselves up as ‘wellness’ gurus, I want to set out my credentials right at the start.

I’m not just another health blogger offering a transformational plan or miracle cure, armed with only a pretty plate of food and a marketing strategy.

I am a trained biochemist and nutritionist who is registered with the Association for Nutrition.
I’m a scientist and a sceptic, who, nowadays, spends her time tackling the myriad food myths that plague what has become an entire industry surrounding the concept of ‘wellness’.
But I wasn’t always so hard to impress. Not long ago, I was the one falling for every nugget of pseudo-science handed to me by wellness bloggers, including (but not limited to): cutting out various food groups from my diet; believing I needed ‘superfood’ powders to be healthy; not eating gluten; juicing for health; and even doing week-long raw vegan ‘cleanses’.

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The Wellness Rebel is out on 5th April in hardback and ebook.


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The wellbeing and clean eating trend may proclaim that it's tied in with getting a charge out of real nourishment, yet begin to expose what's underneath of this development and very regularly a dull underbelly is uncovered. Behind the facade of easy prosperity prowls awful science.

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