Remember My Story, Forget My Name


Remember My Story, Forget My Name

We are so excited that Forget My Name is coming out on 4th October! Forget My Name is the sensational thriller written by J.S. Monroe, the bestselling author of Find Me. 

How do you know who to trust... ...when you don't even know who you are? 
You are outside your front door.
There are strangers in your house.
Then you realise. You can't remember your name.
She arrived at the train station after a difficult week at work. Her bag had been stolen, and with it, her identity. Her whole life was in there – passport, wallet, house key. When she tried to report the theft, she couldn’t remember her own name. All she knew was her own address.
Now she's outside Tony and Laura's front door. She says she lives in their home. They say they have never met her before. 
Head of Zeus Reactions to Forget My Name
‘From the moment I read the opening sentence of Forget My Name I got the fizz in my toes that comes only when reading truly exceptional submissions. With characters to care about, and a story that continually pulls the rug out from under you, Jon Stock is redefining – and reinvigorating – the psychological thriller.’ 
Laura Palmer, Publishing Director
‘Quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever published.’
Maddy O’Shea, Commissioning Editor
‘I got to the twist and just started screaming. I didn’t see that coming in a million years. I love trying to guess the ending, but it just never crossed my mind. Suddenly you go from being gently swept along in a nice suburban mystery to barrelling down the rabbit hole of an insane, gripping thriller that is so dark and creepy and unputdownable and compelling and brilliant. I was blown away.’ 
Blake Brooks, Communications Manager
‘I loved the way Jon draws you into the mindset of a woman with amnesia. I felt like I was inside her head, with no idea who to trust, or where to turn. I think I suspected every one of the neighbours 
at one point or another.’
Lauren Atherton, Assistant Editor
‘I adored this dark, twisty thriller which takes you to places that you never could have imagined.’ 
Suzanne Sangster, Communications Director
‘If this doesn’t become a worldwide bestseller I’ll eat my kindle.’ 
Nicolas Cheetham, Publisher
‘There are thriller writers and then there’s J.S. Monroe. His originality, crafting, and ability to shock really is unmatched by any other writer in the genre. His novels reinvent the thriller with each page; they surprise, terrify and keep you reading breathlessly until the final gut-clenching twist. God, he’s good.’ 
Chrissy Ryan, International Sales Manager
Click here to read the sensational first two chapters of Forget My Name, out in ebook on 1st October and hardback on 4th October.  




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Her whole life was in there – passport, wallet, house key....

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