The Psychology of Time Travel: Reviews and Praise


The Psychology of Time Travel: Reviews and Praise

The Psychology of Time Travel has won over the readers and critics, proving a huge fan favourite for August and garnering immense praise. Check out for some of the glowing praise so far, and make sure to order your own copy now.


‘An intriguing, multi-layered mystery that is ingeniously plotted'
The Daily Mail

‘A smart, twisty murder mystery… that will ruin other time travel stories for you forever.’ 

‘A thought-provoking time travel murder-mystery that will have you guessing to the last.’ 
Candis Book of the Month

'This is a novel packed with ideas, which looks at the mental and emotional consequences for human beings who no longer see death as the end…it’ll leave you turning over the concepts in your mind long after the story is finished.'


This is a story about women and that is what really stood out. All these talented women who work relentlessly towards their goals and fight for what they believe in. What I also really enjoyed was the casual diversity this book had. So many main characters were of colour and there was a truly amazing romantic relationship between two women. This was all handled so well and with regard to issues that might arise. It felt real and honest and I loved that about it.
The time travel aspect of the story was also handled well. It's a very complicated and often used trope, but this novel shed a completely new light on it and I loved it. Overall I think this was a truly amazing debut novel and I can't wait to see what the author will come up with next.


The writing style was elegant and a joy to read so I cannot wait to see more from Kate Mascarenhas.



I highly recommend you pick this one up. A female-centered mystery with time travel that’s really clever and engaging – you really can’t go wrong with that.

Inside my Library Mind, Netgalley


A fascinating premise with women scientists as leading characters. I was immediately drawn into this intriguing debut novel. That it was also a mystery scored extra points and that cover was phenomenal. Well done Head of Zeus for supporting this new voice in fiction. Hoping to see it on Women’s Prize for Fiction list for next year.

Muse Books, Netgalley


This story is beautifully written and it was a refreshing change to read a story which is dominated by women. This is the first book I have read by this author and it will not be the last. I hope there will be more stories of these brave women to come.

Terror Tree, Netgalley


A fab read full of science, psychology, mystery and of course, time travel. Filled with a fab cast of primarily female characters, all with different personalities and strengths. A fast paced and edge-of-your-seat kinda read.

Our first year here, Netgalley


Kate Mascarenhas's exhilarating debut, The Psychology of Time Travel, manages the difficult trick of making its time travel completely consistent and coherent. It's rare to come across a time travel novel that handles its chronological jumps so carefully and yet is so relatively simple to follow chapter-by-chapter. The Psychology of Time Travel is consistently engaging, packed with interesting, thought-provoking ideas about time, mental health and love. I'll definitely be reading her next book.



Every so often I'll pick up a book, and within the first few pages I'll just know that what I am reading is something very special. The Psychology of Time Travel is such a book. I can't express in words just how much I loved this book, its characters, its themes of strong and independent women and its tackling of the sensitive mental health issue lying at its very core. This is such a special book…That it is a truly remarkable book with an addictive plot, fascinating characters and heaps of time travel. Just perfect for that summer holiday.



I love a good mystery! Add time travel into the mix and I am hooked! I felt compelled to keep reading about these strong female characters well past my usual bedtime. Despite the twists and turns, full cast of characters and tromping through time, I was able to keep up with each remarkable storyline as it unfolded. Easily the most consuming and imaginative book I’ve read this year.



This book is something rarely seen in the literary world, or at least it is to me. It's a sci-fi book aimed at women. The writing is very elegant and precise, and I couldn't help but be reminded of a more modern and feminine version of H.G. Wells almost.  This book was refreshingly different and interesting, and I hope that a female oriented book of this depth and character is a sign of things to come.



This is an excellent story placing women protagonists at the centre of the plot. Careful manipulation of the timelines feeds us the story in fragments and leads to a very satisfying conclusion. It does use well known ideas about time travel but also adds its own quirks. This is a more emotionally invested than many other time travel tales with more than one protagonist to engage with and root for. The Psychology of Time Travel slots together like a blurry jigsaw that finally comes into focus at the end. Then you just want to go back to the beginning to enjoy its construction all over again.

SF CrowsNest, Netgalley


I enjoyed this book. I was drawn to it as I liked the idea of the story. The idea of being able to go backwards and forwards in time is fascinating. This is an easy read with a lot of novel plot ideas.  This is escapism. It is a lovely way to forget about life for a few hours. I found the plot was engaging and I was interested in the fate of the characters. I would definitely read more books by this author.



I enjoyed this book very much.  I liked the prose, I liked the premise of time travel and the ideas surrounding it that the author imagined.  I liked the psychological aspect and the fact that the scientists, and most of the rest of the cast, were women.  All in all a great read. I whizzed through it avidly and have no qualms about recommending it to other readers.  Hopefully they’ll enjoy it just as much as I did!



Beautifully written with fabulous characters. The time traveling paradoxes are well dealt with as well as fascinating. The terminology around time travel is really well done with its whole lexicon of words and their meanings. Beautiful.



Just fantastically impressive. Reminds me of Dark Matter but more human. A very good read.



I knew right away I was going to love this book. The plot here does become quite complex as the truth is gradually uncovered. But it’s the fully realised world Kate Mascarenhas has created here that is truly compelling - a world recognisably ours, yet fundamentally different. The book is a hugely thought provoking read which has mystery, adventure, an unexpected romance and a Biblically apocalyptic ending (... kind of). The Psychology of Time Travel is deeply intriguing speculative fiction about its effects on the human psyche. I loved it.



A brilliant and new exploration of this theme, interesting characters and lots of twists and turns. Couldn’t put this book down!



This is one of the most profound and thought-provoking books I have read in a while. It is also very much a part of the growing trend for female-centric, culturally diverse and non-heteronormative narratives, and I am absolutely here for that. The relationships between the characters were convincingly written, and I felt myself becoming truly emotionally invested in their stories. All in all, I loved this book and look forward to Kate Mascarenhas’ next novel.



A twisty, well plotted murder mystery centered around time travel with a decent heaping of family drama. This was highly enjoyable. Part mystery, part adventure story, part exploration of mother-daughter relations. Intelligent, well written and by turns funny and tragic, this is not to be missed.



This a gripping and original novel. It’s interwoven timelines and characters are brilliantly laid out. A wonderful timey-wimey mystery book.



Not usually the kind of book I would choice to read, mostly due to the more sci fi concept of the time travel, but once you become used to the different time lines the book is a fantastic novel, the merging of time travel, love and murder mystery works brilliantly. Devoured the book in one sitting!



I was extremely excited to be given permission by Head of Zeus to review the full ARC after reading the sampler via NetGalley - partly because the idea of having to wait until August to find out what happens was not nice at all. I was hooked after the first two chapters! The Psychology of Time Travel was a fantastic read and one I am looking forward to permanently having on my physical bookshelf come August! And I am possibly already gushing about it to every reader I meet...



A glorious, beautifully crafted novel that treats the theme of time travel in such an original way - no concerns here about meeting your future self or selves. Clever and quite complex but also full of heart. There's a lot to say about this wonderful, memorable novel and the women in it. A contender for my book of the year.

Kate Atherton, For Winter Nights


The three interwoven timelines speak as much to the smaller questions about love, sexuality, identity and ambition as they do the big questions of life and death itself. An extraordinary and rare novel.



Incredible. a beautiful exploration of how complex women can be whilst also being the most accessible book about time travel I’ve ever read.

What Rhi Read


The Psychology of Time Travel is a remarkable book…Such an intelligent and compelling read…The magnificent plot is a stunning creation. I found it complex, exciting and intriguing and I really enjoyed it.

Linda’s Book Bag


A thought-provoking, page-turning, complexly plotted, fabulous read! Focusing on four female time travel pioneers, The Psychology of Time Travel is a dazzling debut novel from Kate Mascarenhas. For anyone who loved The Time Traveller’s Wife or Arcadia, this is for you.

Tome Travels


Aside from the cover being beautiful, it raises ideas which I have only really considered in passing in relation to time travel, and cracks them wide open for deeper investigation. If you are more of a fan of the physics of time travel, this might not be the book for you; however if you like seeing how things could impact and change a society and culture, you will find plenty to get your teeth into here.

Nerds Like Me


I highly recommend you pick this one up. A female centered mystery with time travel that’s really clever and engaging – you really can’t go wrong with that.

Inside my Library Mind


The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas is everything I wanted it to be and so much more. The settings, the characters, the detail, are all perfect and this book would definitely suit the silver screen - I would queue for hours to see that movie!

There is danger, science, strong and intelligent female characters, friendship, power, love and so much more nestled within these pages and whether time travel is your thing or not, The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas is the novel for you - it's a novel for everyone! 

Books of all Kinds


The Psychology of Time Travel has become a unique addition to the time travel genre with its alternative view on the subject. With hardly a male in sight, this is the feminist sci-fi novel that the genre needed and not a moment too soon. Now, to get it onto the big screen…

Rob’s Writings and Ramblings


In this diverse, and female driven novel, various identities are explored, and the idea of time travel, and being able to interact with ones future and past selves, see their deaths but go back to one’s own time and see them again, and the implications of actions taken during time travel that can influence ones future are all explored in Kate Mascarenhas’ first novel, The Psychology of Time Travel. Her characters are typically English, yet interspersed with the diversity of race and sexuality, giving the novel an atmosphere that is delightful to read and engaging, because the diversity is broad, and incorporates age, and personality as well, ensuring there is something to like for all readers. Equally delightful was the entirely female main cast – showing the power of femininity, representing women as they are, with flaws, with varying characteristics, of different races, sexualities and also disability and mental illness.

The Book Muse


Traversing the decades and told from alternating perspectives, The Psychology of Time Travel introduces a fabulous new voice in fiction and a new must-read for fans of speculative fiction and women's fiction alike.

Fantastic Fiction


When I received my copy of The Psychology of Time Travel, there was note inside it from one of the team at the publishers, Head of Zeus.  It said that this was “an utterly divine book”. “Challenge accepted” I thought, and proceeded to use the note as a bookmark. Having read and thought about this novel of strong, intelligent and conflicted women characters, I would have to agree, it is wonderful from the off and builds to a conclusion that is true to its characters.  If this is Kate Mascarenhas’ first shot at a novel, I cannot see where she takes us next.

Boney Abroad


I adored the way this book kept on rewarding the reader; it circles around in time and things you see earlier from one side, you see later from another and suddenly the puzzle fits together. It’s so clever, incredible and wonderful! This is a novel that will make you think, it will make you question your morals; at times it is a little disturbing but mostly it’s just an utterly brilliant read! This book is so different to anything that I’ve read in a really long time and it’s definitely going to be a firm favourite of mine; I know I will re-read it. It’s enthralling and beautiful and just absolute perfection! I feel sure that this will be on my best books of 2018 come the end of the year. I highly recommend this book!

Rather Too Fond of Books


So begins one of the most incredible novels I’ve read this year – for several years – and it’s all the more remarkable when you think that this wonderful book is Kate Mascarenhas’ debut. It’s an enormous achievement. The Psychology of Time is an immensely rewarding novel that is also very cleverly complex and so you do need to pay close attention. It’s certainly worth it. It is mesmerising.

The mystery at the heart of The Psychology of Time Travel is such a good one and every bit as quirky and curious as the rest of the novel. But its enormous appeal lies mostly in these wonderful, wonderful people and the wit and warmth with which they’re described as they flit and dance through each other’s lives – and their own. Sometimes they can bring misfortune, even death, but mostly they bring love and such a depth of feeling.

There is so much to love about this glorious, beautifully crafted novel which treats time travel in such an original and enthralling way. It’s not possible to do The Psychology of Time Travel justice, at least for me, and so I urge you to treat yourself and discover its wonders for yourself.

For Winter Nights


If you love time travel, stories focused on women, and diversity, believe me: this book is perfect for you. I wish we could all read more books like this one. We need stories like this which are diverse, feminist and tackle important issues without feeling preachy. Novels that are smart and original… and above all, incredibly satisfying.

The Misstery


A fantastic science-fiction novel, combining time travel with mystery, mental illness and characters filled with personality. I loved it.

The Story Collector


The first thing that struck me about The Psychology of Time Travel was the absolutely beautiful cover; it looks like it has been embroidered and I couldn't stop myself running my fingers over to see if I could actually feel the stitches (I couldn't but it didn't stop me from trying). As impressive as the cover is, what awaits inside is a stunning, vividly imagined story. Mystery, intrigue and innovation abound in this imaginative, intelligent and remarkable debut. You really won't have read anything like it before! 

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