In the path of the Templars


In the path of the Templars

Dan Jones' international bestseller, The Templars, was published on 5th April and immediately shot to number 7 on the Sunday Times Bestseller list. Two weeks later it is continuing to rise steadily.
You've probably heard of the Knights Templar from the Da Vinci Code, Ivanhoe or even Assassins Creed, but the real story is so much more exciting than any myth.
Their story encompasses the greatest international conflict of the Middle Ages, a global finance network, a swift rise in wealth and influence, and a bloody and humiliating fall from grace.
Reviews for The Templars

'This is a fascinating story of fanaticism…Jones is certainly an entertainer, but also a fine historian who knows how to render serious scholarship into accessible prose. Seldom does one find serious history that is so easy to read.' The Times

‘[The Templars’] gripping story is grippingly told by the excellent Dan Jones.’ Mail on Sunday

‘Full of tales of bloodshed, bravery and betrayal, this is a passionate guide to the unstoppable rise and spectacular fall of the poster boys of the Middle Ages.’ The Tablet

‘When it comes to rip-roaring medieval narratives, Jones has few peers, and in the Templars he finds the perfect subject.’ The Sunday Times

‘Snappy, well-paced…The author’s ambition, he says, is to tell the story of the Templars in a straightforward way and “to write a book that will entertain as well as inform”. He has done precisely that.’ Daily Telegraph

The Templars is out now in paperback.