Nadine Dorries on Woman's Hour


Nadine Dorries on Woman's Hour

Yesterday Nadine Dorries was featured on Woman’s Hour. In conversation with Rachel Garvey she spoke about her new novel Shadows in Heaven, her passion for writing, and her interest in depicting the lives of women determined to survive.
Click here to listen in full. 
Shadows in Heaven is out now in Hardback and Ebook.


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That is really interesting and I think it is really great, that such meetings are provided so usual. But I have to say that there are not enough details about that event. Yes, pod cast is nice, but while working I learned that better add different media, like photos, videos etc. And it is missed in this article, not so interesting as it could be.


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Where can we buy "Shadows in Heaven" Rachel Garvey's new novel actually I have to read this could you please tell me best place for buy.

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While reading this We must say that Rachel Garvey is the best author for all the related topic like shadows in Heaven is her best novel and we all really like, As a writer, I'm always interested in these kinds of good work from the different Authors and it helps me to learn new things surrounded here.


Nadine Dorries is truly enthusiastic about writing as they publish a book on the freedoms of women. As we all know the role of women in the success of a country is indeed remarkable and noticeable.