Magical fiction from Zephyr


Magical fiction from Zephyr

This Autumn, we are delighted to be launching Zephyr, the new imprint from Head of Zeus, with two beautiful new books.

Yaba Badoe's debut children's novel, A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars, is a powerful and haunting story that steps seamlessly from dark and very apt revelations of life for many immigrants to the magic of Afrian folklore. It was published in hardback and ebook on 7th September. On 5th October, we will publish The Snow Angel by bestseller Lauren St. John. It follows Makena as her world is shattered and she discovers that there are a thousand ways for children to fall in the dark corners of the city. Read on to find out more about these incredibly special books.

Both books share roots in Africa
Sante, the protagonist of A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars, doesn't know much about her past, but she knows that she was on a ship and that her name, Asantewaa, is the name of an Ashanti queen. Yaba Badoe is Ghanaian and the story is flavoured by magical elements from her country. The Snow Angel's Makena, on the other hand, knows that she is Kenyan and knows that she adores the rolling mountains of her country. 

Both books cover timely and topical themes
Although both books share a lot of heart and warmth, they both tackle topics that hit hard and affect many people worldwide today. From forgotten children to refugees and human trafficking, these authors do not shy from difficult themes, and the books are much richer for it.

Both books have fantastical elements
A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars draws heavily on the African tradition of animist realism and on magical realism; and The Snow Angel features elements of the uncanny: a sparkling fox that appears to Makena, and mountains that protect their people.

Both novels feature strong female leads searching for a true home
The young women in both stories see their worlds change and stand strong in the face of sheer desperation. Both Makena and Sante face up to friends who turn out to be foes and dangerous journeys with a strong spirit. 

While these elements shared by the books are by sheer coincidence, it  is no coincidence that we have chosen to publish two books by two supremely talented authors. Yaba Badoe is a debut children's author set to dazzle with a starry career ahead, and Lauren St. John is a prize-winning bestselling author. They each have their own distinctive voice and brilliant story-telling, fulfilling our dedication at Zephyr to publishing tomorrow's classics today as the Home of Story.

A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars is available now in hardback and ebook.

The Snow Angel will be available in hardback and ebook on 5th October.