The Fourteenth Day of HoZmas: The Three-Day Affair


The Fourteenth Day of HoZmas: The Three-Day Affair

Will, Jeffrey and Nolan have been friends since college.
Their lives are normal, even boring.
Until one shocking moment changes everything.
'With a combination of dread and glee
I tore through this book' TOM FRANKLIN
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One night, in a moment of madness, Jeffrey robs a convenience store and drags the only witness into Will's car. Before they know it, Will, Jeffrey and Nolan are holding a young girl hostage, with no idea what to do next. They have three days to decide her fate. Three days to choose between right and wrong, prison and freedom. Three days to manipulate each other into a unanimous decision. 

These ordinary men are already guilty of abduction and robbery. What else are they capable of?


'An outstanding thriller: graceful prose, terrific plot, unbearable suspense, and a narrator who will break your heart.' JOHN LESCROART.

'A wonderful piece of literary suspense. Line by line, Michael Kardos dazzles with prose strength and style.' MICHAEL KORYTA.

'Finely drawn characters, clever plotting, a fine surprise ending and graceful and economical storytelling' BOOKLIST.

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