Five tips for starting an ethical business with Jonathan Self


Five tips for starting an ethical business with Jonathan Self

Good Money is a practical guide on conceiving, launching and growing a successful ethical start-up author, journalist and entrepreneur Jonathan Self. Read on for five of Jonathan's top tips for starting your own ethical business. 

1. Know yourself and your goals: self-awareness is key.

Ethical consumers shun businesses that pretend to be something they are not.

2. Be socially responsible and you will attract loyal customers.

Our customers do not perceive themselves as being in a commercial relationship with the company. They see themselves as being fellow travellers.

3. Have your ‘perfect world’ in mind.

There was as much dreaming as there was planning. When we thought of something we felt strongly about, we would work out how to incorporate it into the business. 

4. With power comes responsibility

Ethical enterprises use the power of business in order to solve social and/or environmental problems.

5. Stuck for ideas?

Focus on a social wrong you would like to correct or a group of people you would like to help. Wherever there is injustice or human need there is, strangely enough, an ethical business opportunity.

Good Money by Jonathan Self is out now in hardback and ebook