A Different Class of Murder - The Lord Lucan story


A Different Class of Murder - The Lord Lucan story

It has been declared today that Lady Lucan, wife of Lord Lucan, has died. The famous murder which has come to define this family's legacy has sometimes been perceived as a murder attempt on Lady Lucan's life that went wrong, resulting in the unfortunate death of their nanny, Sandra Rivett.

Last year, after more than forty years had passed, Lord Lucan was officially declared dead on 3 February 2016, under the ‘presumption of death’ act. Lucan has been missing since November 1974, having disappeared following the murder of the Lucans’ nanny, Sandra Rivett, in the basement of the family home in Lower Belgrave Street. His car was later found abandoned in Newhaven, in Sussex. A year afterwards, he was found guilty of Rivett’s killing in absentia.

The murder, and Lucan’s ensuing disappearance, soon entered popular folklore. Over the next thirty years there were scores of ‘sightings’ of the elusive peer: in 1991 he was mistaken for a hippy called ‘Jungle Barry’ in India; others believed that Lucan had escaped to Africa with the help of the security services and was living the life of an expat in Botswana.

In A Different Class of Murderer, Laura Thompson looks at a number of alternative scenarios to explain the bloody events of 7 November 1974. She examines the possibility that Lord Lucan may not have murdered Rivett, but that he hired a hit-man to kill his estranged wife Veronica, and, after a last-minute change of mind about the plan, rushed to the house in Belgravia to call it off –only to discover that the deed had already been done, and the assassin had killed the wrong woman...

Part detective story, part social history, A Different Class of Murder is a riveting, beautifully written and psychologically acute account of one of the most notorious murders of the twentieth century.

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