A Celebration of The Colour of Time


A Celebration of The Colour of Time

We are so excited that everyone is loving The Colour of Time by Dan Jones & Marina Amaral just as much as we do! 
Brazilian artist Marina Amaral has created 200 stunning images, using historic photographs as the basis for her full-colour digital renditions, bringing each of them to life in a style uniquely her own. Popular historian Dan Jones has written a narrative to anchor each image in its context, and weave them into a vivid account of the world that made the world we live in today. 
Here are some of the great things that people have been saying about it:

‘I have long considered colourisation sacrilege… after reading this book, I’ve changed my mind.’ Times 
‘[The Colour of Time] does something simple yet extraordinary. It takes black-and-white photos of historic events and colours them in. The effect is transformative.’ Daily Telegraph 
‘When you see Amaral’s coloured portraits, you think: phwoar!... she changes the way we see a period or a person.’ Spectator
’The effect of colour is far more transformative than you might imagine… [Amaral’s] touched-up photographs look even more realistic, and closer to life, than a photograph taken yesterday… Extraordinary.’ Mail on Sunday
‘A splash of colour is all it took to bring these historic black and white photos back to vivid, breathtaking life… Astonishing.’ The Sun
‘Pictures brought to life as you’ve never seen them before.’ Sunday Post
‘The most breathtakingly colourised black-and-white pictures ever.’ Daily Mail 
We particularly loved the Evening Standard’s online gallery which includes photographs from the book with sliders from the original black and white photograph to Amaral's colourised version.
The Colour of Time is out now in hardback


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Amazing, the selection of the images and presenting them within today's vision just adds that need which was required to make it artistic.


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I must say that I've tried most of these techniques before this post, and I must say -- yes, they work fabulously! TY for sharing :)