Celebrating a year of Zephyr


Celebrating a year of Zephyr

It only seems like five minutes ago since we started the Zephyr list, but we're now just over a year old and what a fabulous year it has been!  We have launched several debut authors, published future classics from best-selling authors, received several brilliant accolades and seen our authors shortlisted for major prizes.  We really couldn't have asked for more!  And we hope that this has set the tone for many more years of Zephyr books.
And as we are this far in, we thought it might be a great time to introduce you to the full Zephyr team, plus get the team to talk about their favourite books from the list so far:


From left: Matt Bray, Claire Kennedy, Alex Webb, Jessie Price, Clemence Jacquinet (back), Fiona Kennedy, Jennifer Edgcombe, Lauren Atherton, Clare Gordon, Chrissy Ryan
Fiona Kennedy, Publisher, Zephyr:
'We launched Zephyr to create a bespoke list of beautiful books by the most talented authors and artists - they're for everyone who loves a good story.  I hope that you enjoy what we have produced so far'
Lauren Atherton, Assistant Editor:  TEN NASTY LITTLE TOADS by Steve Cole, illustrated by Tim Archbold
'These are genuinely the most laugh-out-loud hilarious, gleefully disgusting stories I have ever read! They will have you squirming in horror and delight at these toads most foul. Move aside Horrid Henry and the World's Worst Children, for Steve Cole and Tim Archbold have shown us how truly wild and riotous children can be!'
Clemence Jacquinet, Production Director:  THE MONSTERS WE DESERVE by Marcus Sedgwick
'Dark, creepy and atmospheric . . . this is Marcus Sedgwick at his very best, and his writing will haunt you long after you finish the final page. With striking black-and-white illustrations and an unusual, elegant setting, it was also a challenge, and a joy, to produce such a book.'
Clare Gordon, Communications Manager:  A JIGSAW OF FIRE AND STARS by Yaba Badoe
'My favourite Zephyr book is A JIGSAW OF FIRE AND STARS by Yaba Badoe. It blends magical realism and lyrical prose with the very real issues of immigration and people trafficking that so many people face today. The end result is a story that is gripping and totally evocative: I love it.'
Jessie Price, Art Director:  THE GIRL WHO THOUGHT HER MOTHER WAS A MERMAID by Tania Unsworth
'I loved the adventurous spirit of THE GIRL WHO THOUGHT HER MOTHER WAS A MERMAID and was completely caught up in Stella's quest. Finding out the truth about her mum takes Stella into dark and dangerous places, building to an exciting escape and some watery discoveries. And the mermaids as they really are gave me spine shivers...'
Claire Kennedy, Group Rights Director:  MR TIGER, BETSY AND THE BLUE MOON by Sally Gardner, illustrated by Nick Maland
'Who can resist a book with the title, MR TIGER, BETSY AND THE BLUE MOON?  There's so much to love about this book, but I have to share my favourite bit.  And it's this: Betsy's father is an ice cream maker, her mother a mermaid who tried living on the land, but the pavements were tricky for her tail, so she now lives in the sea and comes ashore every Wednesday, and any other time Betsy needs her.  On those Wednesdays, Betsy's father carries her mother to his ice cream parlour where he places her at a table and fetches a bucket of water, in which to place her tail.  I find that so tender and thoughtful and romantic, and for that reason, it has and will forever stick in my mind!'
Jennifer Edgcombe, Sales Manager:  THE SNOW ANGEL by Lauren St John, illustrated by Catherine Hyde
'I loved THE SNOW ANGEL from start to finish. Lauren St John sensitively handles the slums of Kenya and warmly describes the Scottish Highlands. This perfectly written and important book touches the heartstrings of both children and adults. Lauren is also an ambassador for conservationism and the environment, themes that come across strongly in her fiction.'
Matt Bray, Designer:  ME MAM. ME DAD. ME by Malcolm Duffy
'ME MAM. ME DAD. ME. is an important book, that speaks to a world and a subject matter that is rarely touched on in young adult literature. The story manages to be poignant, funny, sad and sweet all at the same time. It's rare to read a book so entertaining while remaining respectful and sympathetic to the lives it depicts. Malcolm Duffy picks up where Barry Hines left off, and I highly recommend that everyone read, enjoy and be moved by his wonderful debut.'
Chrissy Ryan, Export Sales Manager:  SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT... DINOSAURS? by Ben Garrod
'I love the SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT . . . DINOSAURS? series because Ben Garrod has the most brilliant knack of making science fun without dumbing it down. I have been amazed by how children respond to his passion with their own knowledge and enthusiasm. David Attenborough watch out!'
Alex Webb, Rights Director, Zephyr:  THE MYSTERY OF THE COLOUR THIEF by Ewa Jozefkowicz
'Ewa's warmth and lightness of touch makes what could be the darkest of human subject matters accessible to children in this wonderful heart-warming novel of friendship, family and fighting your fears.  THE MYSTERY OF THE COLOUR THIEF is an extraordinary debut and I can't wait to read her next book!'




Great list of books! I read "In the Land of Giants" by Max Adams and I really love it.